WindMagics Installs 50 Wind Turbines at 100 MW Wind Farm in Shanxi Province, China


WindMagics has completed the installation of 50 wind turbines at the 100MW wind farm at Kelan County in the northwest of Shanxi Province, China. 


The construction began last year in last year in April following a groundbreaking ceremony attended by the company Founder Mr. Yi Ye, government officials from Kelan County and other stakeholders. 


The wind farm is built on a complex terrain, where average annual wind speed is recorded above 6 m/s. Taking advantage of local wind resources, the farm will provide clean energy to Xinshuo grid power reducing air pollution in the region, which was primarily powered by coal power plants.


WindMagics officials said that completing this pilot project successfully is a significant milestone for WindMagics in its journey towards building a greener future.

Created on:2019-07-10 15:50